Here we are! Coming from China and today no longer to be found on the market, the Lapinets greet you!

Some people alledge we are rabbits. This is untrue! We are a species in ourselves, there are about thirty of us. If you also know Lapinets like us, please write to us. Our travel company can also arrange a visit. We have a complex relationship with Kokari, a plush koala (which he refuses to admit). He is a notorious crook, yet we have not been able to manage without him. He is our factotum and our banker.

We suspect that he is behind the scenes of the strange chemtrails phenomena that we observed over our burrows. He only does this to sell us chembusters to protect ungainst them.

He wrongly accuses us of having kidnapped his german pal Supi, a purely defamatory allegation! We are tame, peaceful creatures. Actually, our intelligence service, the LIA (Lapinets' Intelligence Agency) lead us to suspect that he is being detained by the mysterious Knight G. of Salzgitter, or possibly by someone closely related to him. Knight G. is a very influent and machiavellian personage who plans to take over the world. We shall anyway try to extort a ransom from Kokari, be it only to refund ourselves of his constant rip-off. But we are innocents as far as the kidnapping is concerned, which we loudly denounce and condemn, as also does our foundation, Lapinesty International, to whom you can send your donations to the following account:

LAP 00012 12 / 12
Kokarian Bank of Commerce and Rip-off