Hello, I am Kokari, the king of business

Some people allege I am a koala. This is untrue! I am a species in myself (well, almost). I am a honest merchant and banker and I work hard to feed my familly. My patronage mainly consists of plush rabbits (which they refuse to admit), they are ingrate lazy little fellows to whom I yet always offer unbeatable bargains.

Yet I go to great lengths for their well-being and I developped orgonite-based chembusters in my lab to protect their burrows from the noxious effects of the chemtrails, with which I have nothing to do, no matter what the Lapinets allege.

This year, I made good business and I bought a Jaguar.

I have long been looking for my german pal Supi from Salzgitter (FRG), who was detained under intolerable conditions by a rabbit jihad commando. He is now free, fortunately.
I hope that I can sell to the Lapinets enough orgonite to offer him a thalassotherapy cure, so that he can recover.
You can also issue a bank transfer to my account:

KOK 00012 12 / 12
Kokarian Bank of Commerce and Rip-off

I accept all currencies and also vouchers.